San Giljan, February 15, 2018, TameFlow Consulting Limited, a boutique management consulting company, today announces the launch of tailored advisory services in the area of Blockchain technologies, under the brand name of ChainStrategies.

The ChainStrategies services intend to provide entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives with the capacity, insights and information to make critical and strategic business decisions in the fast moving landscape of Blockchain technologies.

There will be no industry sector that will be untouched by the rapid developments of Blockchain technologies; and yet decision makers are not equipped to understand, let alone make strategic business decisions around this technology,” said Steve Tendon, Founder and Director of Strategy at ChainStrategies. “The future of their business could depend on such decisions, that they need to make today rather than tomorrow. We enable them to do that, now.

In recent years global business witnessed enormous growth of Blockchain technologies. Proof of concepts and early solutions are testing the markets. ICOs are about to become mainstream funding vehicles both for startups as well as for mainstream businesses. Companies will be forced on re-conceiving their business strategies and business models, as Blockchain technologies start to impact the fabric of society and transform market structures. Blockchain technologies further challenge conventional business wisdom with the uncharted potential of combining with IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

We understand this technology and the impact of decentralization on business strategy. Now we want to share that knowledge with the business leaders that need it the most,” reiterated Steve Tendon.

Steve Tendon was the Strategic Adviser for the Ministry of Economy, Investment and Small Business (MEIB) of the Maltese Government. Steve developed the vision of “Malta, the Blockchain Island” to increase the country’s global competitiveness; and he authored first hand Malta’s “National Blockchain Strategy,” which was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in April, 2017. In September, 2017 Steve Tendon was appointed as a member of the Task Force engaged to advise the Government of Malta on further developing and implementing Malta’s National Blockchain Strategy. Steve contributed to designing Malta’s legal framework on cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technologies.

For further information, get in touch with ChainStrategies.

About ChainStrategies
ChainStrategies provides research, strategy development, competitive analysis for businesses that intend to adopt or incorporate Blockchain technologies in their business models. ChainStrategies ensures decision makers gain the best insights to make strategic business decisions regarding Blockchain technologies.

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