Today, February 19, 2019, at the Nakamoto’s Den conference on Cyprus.

I delivered a talk on Decentralized Regulation. The main focus was on the need and rationale to recognize legal personality to Innovative Technology Arrangements.

The slides of the talk are available here.

I accelerate business performance in knowledge-work, without compromising sustainability, quality or humanity, through patterns, mental models and emerging technologies. I divide my time between being a Blockchain Strategists and an organizational performance consultant, developing my own "TameFlow Approach" - a systems thinking approach to creating breakthrough performance-innovation in knowledge-intensive digital-businesses. Highlights: ✦ 2020: Advisory Board Member of the SOV Development Foundation of the Republic of the Marshall Islands ✦ 2019: Initiator and member of the mirror Technical Committee for Malta on the ISO/TC-307 Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies standard in the International Standards Organisation (Geneva). ✦ Member in the ISO/TC-307 work groups on Blockchain Data Protection, Security, Identity Management, Architectures, Smart Contracts and Smart Governance. Board member of the Startup Malta Foundation. ✦ 2018: Advisor to the Republic of the Marshall Islands on the introduction of the SOV, its own national legal tender crypto currency. ✦ Acclaimed in the “Lattice80 Blockchain 100” list of global Blockchain influencers. ✦ Malta Blockchain Award 2018 winner for “Outstanding Contribution to the Blockchain Island." ✦ “ANGI Malta Business Award 2018” at the House of Representatives of the Italian Government in Rome. ✦ Founding member of the OXBC, the Oxford Blockchain Foundation. ✦ Founder of the "Blockchain Island Club," a business club for anyone interested in Blockchain Technologies. ✦ 2017: Strategic Lead on Malta’s National Blockchain Task Force within the Office of the Prime. ✦ Founder and first Chairman of the Blockchain Malta Association. ✦ 2016: Strategic Advisor for the Maltese Ministry of Economy. ✦ Developed the vision of “Malta, the Blockchain Island.” ✦ Designed Malta’s National Blockchain Strategy. ✦ 2015: For R. Bosch Gmbh, global work flow process improvement 8,000 people, 120 teams, 70,000 change requests per month. ✦ 2014: For William-Hill Online UK and Gibraltar: Organisational performance improvement (productivity +240%, time to market -70%). ✦ Won the UK Agile Awards 2014 in the category of “Best Use of Agile in the Private Sector.”

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