ChainStrategies will provide you its insights on the most recent Blockchain developments and trends that will affect your industry.

ChainStrategies offers its advisory services to a wide variety of both public and private organizations, in diverse industry sectors.

ChainStrategies will allow you to develop long term plans, by examining the frontiers of Blockchain technologies and exploring thought-provoking visions about the future, with actionable insights and advice.


  • Executives who are aware of the disruption and potential of Blockchain technologies and innovative business models, but do not know how to develop a strategy for their own business with this respect. They fear losing opportunities or being overtaken by competition.
  • Business leaders who need to develop an operational knowledge about Blockchain technologies, and incorporate them into their business strategies and business models.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to launch entirely new businesses on top of these industry trends, and prepare their ventures for the future.


  • Blockchain as a technology and Blockchain as an industry
  • Impact of Blockchain technologies on different industries
  • Sociopolitical and economic impact of Blockchain technologies
  • Blockchain trends
  • Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies
  • Decentralization and decentralized business strategies and business models
  • Blockchain and other innovative technologies (Big Data, AI, IoT)
  • Market, market size and market growth
  • Competitive threats of Blockchain technologies
  • Innovation and growth opportunities of Blockchain technologies
  • Regulatory constraints
  • Trends and future directions
  • Blockchain readiness assessment (is your business ready for Blockchain?)

If you need Blockchain advisory/educational services, get in touch with ChainStrategies now.

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